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“Wealth is never determined by the cash one holds, But by the assets one controls! Because we’re schooled to know the price of everything. While knowing the value of nothing.”











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Why Are We Here?

Prosperity Mint was created to assist you in all of your precious metals purchases and education. We will provide you the secure confidence that your best interest has been taken into account regarding all of your purchases. We take pride in bringing you a great selection of metals at the best possible market prices. Our commitment is to make sure all of your secure transactions, questions, purchases and deliveries are as reasonably seamless as we can possibly make them.
Because we know you will come to love and appreciate this kind of diligence. We are sincere in providing a customer service experience that is friendly, fast and considerate to all of our client’s precious metal needs. You won’t find the fast talk of sales at Prosperity Mint, but a slow walk of service, which we know is important in creating and maintaining great client relations.

Our goal is to help you build, secure, and assure that your living legacy is anchored for both today and tomorrow. Economic history tells us that a wealth quality of life is best fastened by securing real money which has true intrinsic value. Any historical review tells us that the precious metals have been an emblem in growing wealth. Hence our saying, 

“Wealth is never determined by the cash one holds, but by the assets one controls.”

“Wealth is never determined by the cash one holds, but by the assets one controls.”