1 Kilo IGR Silver Bar {New Assay Card}




IGR GLOBAL is a professional service provider to precious metals market participants. Our group of companies consists of Istanbul Gold Refinery, Gramaltin, and IGR Metals Trading DMCC. IGR continues to strive for perfection through developing common solutions and meeting the expectations of the environment and always aiming to be one of the best and most reputable refineries in the precious metals market worldwide.

Bar Highlights:

Arrives in protective plastic!
Includes an Assay card!
Contains 1000 Grams (32.1 Troy oz) of .999 pure silver.
Obverse features the IGR logo and identifying hallmarks.
Reverse includes the company name and logo.
Individual serial numbers.

Each of the kilo silver bars IGR offered here comes individually packaged by the mint. The bars are sealed in protective plastic and come with an assay card that authenticates the weight, metal content, and purity of each piece. The assay will feature the signature of a certified assayer as well.

Platinum was first encountered by Spanish explorers in South America in the 16th century. However, due to its high melting point and the technical challenges in working with it, platinum wasn’t widely used or recognized for many years. In the 19th century, platinum found industrial applications due to its resistance to corrosion and high melting point. It was used in various industries, including the production of laboratory equipment, electrical contacts, and as a catalyst in chemical reactions.

Obverse design elements on these IGR silver kilo bars include the mint logo and identifying hallmarks. The designs are arranged in portrait orientation with the logo at the top; the weight, metal content, and purity in the center; and the assayer’s mark set at the bottom near the serial number.

Reverse visuals on the IGR kilo silver bar include the mint name and the logo in a repeating pattern that provides visual depth. The designs are best viewed in landscape orientation with the name IGR along the back of the design field.


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