1oz Gold Bar 9999. – Credit Suisse (In Assay)




1 oz Gold Bar – Credit Suisse

These beautiful Swiss made Gold bars are produced by the renowned mint, Valcambi. However, Credit Suisse is much more than a Gold bar producer. Credit Suisse is an investment banking and financial services firm, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 1856, their original purpose was to fund the development of Switzerland’s rail system as well as their electrical grid and even some of the broader European rail system. Today, Credit Suisse is one of the nine largest and most profitable banks under Wall Street’s bulge bracket.  Gold bars are an excellent investment choice for both new and experienced investors. Gold has always been one of the most prized metals in world history, making it a safe haven from economic uncertainty due to stocks or bonds becoming less reliable thanks to ever-changing pressures taking place across all markets worldwide. Not only does owning Gold help protect against any possible future crashes but also gives investors a piece-of mind knowing they have a hedge against inflation in a volatile market.


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