2015 Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin




Silver Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series

Introduced in 2015, the Silver Congo Silverback Gorilla Coins represent one of the more stable African silver coin releases alongside the Silver Somalian Elephant and the Rwandan Wildlife Series. The Congo Silverback Gorilla Coins are produced in the United States by the Scottsdale Mint with the approval and backing of the Republic of Congo. The coins in this series are offered each year in 1 oz silver, with occasional colorized proof options and a 1 Kilo coin introduced in 2017.

Each year of issue in the Silver Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin series comes with a new obverse design field featuring the image of a male silverback. The Silverback Gorilla is the eldest member of a family troop and leads his group to resting grounds and new sources of food. Silverbacks are found within the four different subspecies of gorillas: western lowland gorillas, Cross River gorillas, mountain gorillas, and eastern lowland gorillas.

The Scottsdale Mint launched the program in 2015 with an aggressive depiction of a male silverback with its mouth open and teeth exposed as it lets out a terrifying roar. Since that release, the mint has alternated its depiction each year to feature gentle, docile images of the silverback (2016, 2018) and aggressive, fearsome images of the silverback gorilla (2015, 2017, 2019).


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