90% Silver Dimes U.S. Coins 100 Pieces




The Seated Liberty dime was the first dime to contain 90% silver in its alloy structure; before that, the dime’s silver content was slight below the 90% line. The Roosevelt dime is the most current design in US coinage, authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792, and was officially the smallest and thinnest coin in all of the US coins minted. Until 1965, the Roosevelt dime contained 90% silver, 10% copper. The Roosevelt dime was inspired by the late president, who donated time and money, to a cure for polio. In his honor, this dime brought awareness to the cause and even helped donations roll in. The 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes bag contains 100 dimes, which is equivalent to $10 face value. The Roosevelt Dimes are one of the best values, when it comes to 90%, and is offered in convenient increments, including this 100 dime bag!


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