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The Vienna Philharmonic (GermanWiener Philharmoniker), often shortened to Philharmonic, is a bullion coin of gold, silver, or platinum produced by the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich). The coin is named for the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, which inspired the design of both sides. It was introduced in 1989 as a one-troy ounce (ozt), gold coin with a face value of 2,000 Austrian schillings. It is generally one of the world’s best selling bullion coins.[1][2] In 2002, with the adoption of the euro currency, the nominal value of the one-ounce coin was changed to 100 euros. In 2008, the Mint introduced a one-ounce silver version of the coin with a nominal value of 1.50 euros. The silver coin is also one of the top selling bullion coins, ranked third in 2013.[1] In 2016, the mint introduced a one ounce platinum coin with a face value of 100 euros.


Size Diameter Thickness Weight Face value Years minted
1 ozt 37.0 mm (1.5 in) 3.2 mm (0.13 in) 31.103 g 1.50 euros from 2008


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